Behind the Name

If anyone has ever seen me in a bathing suit, they know how much the province of Saskatchewan (pron: suh-ska-chuh-waan) means to me. The grain elevator for me as a kid growing up on the prairies represented the next point in what was sometimes a miserably long winter road trip to a small town hockey rink. On every drive when I saw the grain elevator for the next town pop up on the horizon I knew I was just a little closer to my destination. Now-a-days (holy hell I am old) you rarely pass through more than three towns consecutively with a grain elevator, seeing a grain elevator rise up on the flat prairie landscape was something I always looked for as a kid and (a big light bulb went off in my head) one night while I was laying in bed, it clicked and I knew I wanted to pay homage to an iconic prairie symbol that is becoming few and far between.