This Is Who I Am

I have always been known as an athlete, it has more or less been my whole identity. I grew up in the rink, played college hockey, fell in love with CrossFit at 27, resented it by 30 and by the fall of 2019 I knew I desperately needed to make changes in my life. Thus began the journey which brought me to where I am today. It took roughly a year and half of rehashing my life to find what made me tick and brings passion and energy to my life. I am, dare I say back in love with CrossFit and starting to figure the balance thing out. Thanks to a short stack of amazing people who pushed and supported me, I’ve taken a chance on starting what I see as an opportunity to help anyone build healthy habits into their lives. I want to bring products to you which gives you the option and freedom to get in a workout no matter where you are. Whether its at the lake camping, spending a day at the beach or at the park with the kids, the sandbag gives you the freedom to roam and travel without being loaded down by heavy weight.
See you outside!